New DCB Vendor Benchmarking Research 2021

In 2019 we announced the results  of our DCB Vendor Benchmarking research at the Platinum Sponsor Party of World Telemedia (14-16 Oct 2019) in Marbella. Dimoco were the number one ranked vendor at that time and received one of ROCCO’s unique awards for their recognition in the research.

Further to the success of our DCB Research in 2019,  where over 100+ MNOs gave their ratings on 28 Vendors, it’s time to look again at this sector.  Vendors change and the pandemic tells an interesting story of leadership in times of crisis. This research is a unique opportunity to give feedback in a neutral way on how the DCB vendors are really performing in 2021.

Every MNO who takes part will be able to rate the DCB vendors and give their candid opinions on how they are performing. A great chance to recognise the leading vendors and understand the main drivers behind choosing the right carrier billing partner. Every MNO who takes part will receive an Executive Summary Report once the survey concludes which will include the aggregated feedback of all Vendors who took part. Please pass this link or this page onto someone in your team who may be able to help us with this important industry feedback.

The research opens 28th May 2021 and concludes on 30th September 2021. The survey is for MNOs. Vendors can share the research with MNOs if they wish.

Take the Survey

This years survey contains 28 Vendors and over 30 KPIs. We will be asking the tough questions about DCB but also understanding what the vend0rs are doing which MNOs like and what they miss from these service providers. Vendors who want to be added to the research can simply contact to get added to the research. Good luck to all the vendors.