London 01/12/2020 In ROCCO’s 5th annual SMS Firewall Vendor Performance Research, MNOs get the chance to give feedback, endorse, or simply give thoughts on 27 SMS Firewall Vendors they know in the industry.

The SMS Firewall products have in recent years changed characteristics from filtering for spam SMS’s or fraudulent SMS’s to the more complex faking, flooding, phishing, malware and termination via grey routes. With over 200+ MNOs using Firewall vendors, MNOs seek other MNOs advice to which are the best vendors to work with when considering outsourcing this.

MNOs can simply complete the survey and get an exclusive executive summary report containing all kinds of insights which can help with SMS Firewall strategy. Simply follow the link below to take the survey if you’re an MNO with an SMS Firewall vendor to rate them in this simple survey.

MNOS can rate their Vendors by following this link

In this years research we have 27 Vendors…

The research starts today December 1st 2020 and closes on February 19th 2021 with the report due the week later. 

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