A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence 2020

12/11/2020 London. Now published ROCCO Research introduces a new report on A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence. In creating this report ROCCO has interviewed 19 leading A2P SMS Messaging Vendors to provide an overview of their businesses, revenues, services, outlook and the regional development of the A2P SMS Market. This report aims to provide guidance to MNOs and support them in the development of their A2P SMS messaging monetisation and business opportunities.

The report sponsored only by ROCCO provides a neutral outlook into the A2P Market:

“There is a lot of competition in this market, the competition is evolving and there are a lot of new topics being discussed. We wanted to ask the Vendors the questions that provide a true picture of the market. We are not attempting to make predictions of our own but rather more research the industry vendors and analyse the wide opinions of the specialist vendors. The Vendors were not obliged to answer all our questions, some were quite sensitive, but as a neutral intermediary, we were also delighted when they gave us insights we weren’t expecting.”

Said Jason Bryan CEO of ROCCO.

One of the key issues raised by MNOs recently has been the impact on Covid 19, how it has affected A2P SMS and how it is likely to affect pricing in the next few years. ROCCOs new report asked questions on how each Vendor deals with various fraud and security aspects as well as all the questions MNO’s or Enterprises might need to know to work with these vendors.

Said Jason Bryan CEO of ROCCO about the challenges for MNOs.

“There’s a lot of insights circulating on Omnichannel, CPaaS, RCS and these are clearly development areas, but A2P SMS is the foundation for many of these services and remains a strong business. This report shares insights on how its developing in 2020, with a focus on the opportunities and challenges” 


GSM MNOs have been contacting ROCCO for more data regarding A2P SMS Messaging since 2014. ROCCO conducted an A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Benchmarking Research for the last six years.

This A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence Report provides insights into 19 A2P SMS Messaging Vendors and helps in understanding the services they offer and their outlook on the A2P SMS Messaging Market.
This Report complements our Vendor Benchmarking Reports of 2020 in that it reverses the perspective, letting the vendors explain how each of them individually differentiates itself in the market. Where in our Vendor Benchmarking Report we see the MNO view of the Vendors, here we listen to the Vendors, in a balanced way with ROCCO performing a role as neutral mediator to their comments.

It was clear from MNOs feedback in our recent research that there was a lack of education and simple data they needed to work with Vendors such as: who they were, where they were based, what their business model was, how many customers they had, why and when they started their business.

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