Published Today: Wholesale Roaming Market Intelligence 2020

At a time when COVID-19 has made several governments impose restrictions on travelling, we found it extremely important to analyse the trends of such a special year as 2020. By exploring how several MNOs have performed, it is possible to infer the current pain points from an operator’s perspective. Also, it allows for understanding how the effects derived from the pandemic have delayed key infrastructure-related issues such as as the roll-out of new services or the decommissioning of legacy networks.

The Wholesale Roaming Market Intelligence Report 2020 

Based on our How we do Wholesale Roaming Reports but incorporating data on Revenue and margins, 5G, VoLTE, NB-IoT, Decommissioning, IoT Negotiations etc and featuring Covid specific insights this report has over 5o pages of insights based directly on the feedback of over 100 MNOs. We ask what actions MNOs have taken to mitigate the affects of Covid 19 on their Wholesale Roaming business e.g. their behaviour with vendors, customers and roaming partners e.g. which Vendors are impacted the most due to Covid 19. Data sets on wholesale Roaming as a whole are also featured.

MNO’s who took part in the research will shortly receive the Executive Summary report for free as thanks for their participation.

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