Launch: New CPaaS Vendor Market Intelligence Research starts today

Written by Jason Bryan CEO ROCCO Research.

I just Google lensed for the first time and found myself in-front of the new Lego Adidas trainers (no you don’t have to make them yourself). I don’t really know how I got there but even in times of COVID the journey had many possibilities.

As businesses we all got used to the fact that marketing and communicating with our customers has evolved dramatically since the launch of the smartphone, social media channels and new technologies they are a creative platform for us all. In the 4G world we had the first chance to truly interact with video, we saw the emergence of new products which were born out of the opportunity 4G gave us, E.g. Snapchat. ROCCO is already seeing some of the potential that 5G is going to bring, when combined with IoT makes you feel like the word “connected” really doesn’t explain well enough how we are going to be living.

At the same time, we were also on the receiving end of the communication drive. We got used to brands communicating to us with even more innovation year on year. Brands want to be more tech savvy, they want to differentiate themselves and that counts even for institutions and banks. Absolutely everything must be “Smart”. Equipped with all they need, the mobile device, consumers are realising they prefer certain kinds of communications to others. Yes, they expect to connect with companies through various channels but they want to be inspired too.

Following on from the insights coming from Enterprises and MNO’s in this years A2P SMS Messaging Benchmarking Reports, one of the major directives we found was around CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) and how platform vendors were optimising the communications omni-channel approach. I’m not going to lie to you… it kind of feels like this is the big, all encompassing way forward that will surpass all the rest of the hype.

So for a short while, October 21st to be exact, ROCCO will be conducting a study with vendors of CPaaS solutions and as usual extracting all the insights possible on the world’s best smart platforms for messaging. Vendors who want to be part of the research need only contact us at

And if you’re feeling creative yourself… here’s a lego platform to get you started on your creative journey.