eSIM: Towards a new paradigm?

eSIM friend or foe? There’s a heated debate about the potential disruptive power of this emerging technology. On the MNO side there are reluctant voices for eSIM adoption due to the fear of a drastic reduction in wholesale roaming revenues. Moreover, the risk of churn is expected to increase with eSIM due to the benefits of remote provisioning.

As every technological advance there is a positive and negative side, and eSIM is not an exception. Even though operators are likely to face a more competitive scenario, eSIM can also render advantages to them. For instance, the reduction in SIM cards would simplify the logistic process for MNOs. Also, in our ROCCO Roaming Consumer eSIM Strategy Report we emphasised that eSIM will facilitate operators to provide completely digital solutions.

As eSIM facilitates international IoT connectivity, this means that it can be used for several types of devices. As a result, MNOs can profit from the new businesses lines that are expected to emerge. All in all, eSIM represents a change of paradigm for operators, and bold initiatives might be considerably rewarding in a changing scenario.

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