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About 13.5 Billion years ago, matter, energy, time and space came into being in what as known as the Big Bang. A mere 200,000 years ago humans evolved. Telecoms was born less than 200 years ago and mobile devices less than 50. With such a short history of the world in which we work, it should go as no surprise that the story of telecoms is probably more in our future than it is in our past.

The big challenges we face in our industry today can seem insignificant to the wider world around us but they are also our chance to make a mark on civilisation.

The mark ROCCO wants to make is simple, by bringing together industry influencers, innovative companies and entrepreneurs into the same room,  we are going to stimulate innovation.

So we would like to introduce you to the ROCCO “Genesis” event.

Every year for the last 7 years we have been creating new reports on the major challenges in our industry.  However in 2019 and 2020 we are also embarking on some new initiatives to help with these challenges:

  • We have started ROCCO 100, research which has identified 152 nominated people in the industry who are now being voted for by the industry around us.
  • We have for the third year started “The Innovators” research which stimulates MNOs to vote for Vendors in the industry.
  • We have just created a new MNO forum called the “VoLTE Roaming Taskforce” to enable a space for sharing the challenges in this area and the solutions. More about this in 2020.
  • Vendor Performance Awards. At Genesis we will present over 20 awards to vendors who a tier one in our reports.
  • In 2020 we will create a new research study aimed at identifying MNOs who are doing innovative work, called the “Innovative Operator Index”. More about this in 2020.
  • In 2020 we will create a platform where ideas can be shared with a panel of MNOs, we call this “Lions Den”.

All of these initiatives are leading to a major new annual event which ROCCO has designed called “Genesis”.

ROCCO Genesis is designed to bring three perspectives on the challenges our industry is facing. We have a day dedicated to idea generation, a day for strategic review featuring all the insights from our research and a training day featuring all our guidance and knowledge of the industry. Each day will focus on original presentation concepts which will inspire and facilitate a strong participation of the delegates. Many of the speakers are not yet known, since they still have to be decided by the industry but the combination of presenters is as follows.

  • Representatives from the top 20 Influential people as identified in the ROCCO 100 research. As decided by the industry.
  • Representatives from the top 10 most Innovative Vendors as identified in The Innovators Research. As decided by MNOs.
  • People who have ideas on how to evolve the industry (proposals are welcome for validation by ROCCO).
  • Guest speakers on innovation and leadership. (proposals are welcome).
  • MNOs are invited to be “Lions” in the Genesis Lions Den. Please contact us if you would like to take part.
  • Industry Entrepreneurs (with companies less than 5 years old). Please contact us for more information.
  • Lecturers from the training courses ROCCO U produces.

Our event is open to anyone who would like to attend with a maximum capacity of 200 delegates. If you know ROCCO by now you will know that our scope in telecoms is:

  • International Roaming
  • Messaging
  • Interconnect
  • Fraud & Security

When: 19th to 21st May 2020

Where: Global Omnium, Seville, Spain.

Delegates can attend as many days as they like. The website contains all the information you need to know about the event and from there you can buy tickets, see whose in the line-up, shop for merchandise or check our agenda.

For further enquiries please contact us at