21.11.2019 London. The results are in on our first IRSF Prevention Solutions Vendor Performance survey.

Congratulations to all three Tier One Vendors who performed so well across the 35+ performance and leadership KPIs! Tier One means that across all KPIs these providers reached 4-5 points out of 5. The Vendor ratings were very close, with more promotion of this Research happening within the industry, this helped a lot to get the MNOs views across to us.

According to the premier international association for fraud risk management the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), IRSF is the biggest single source of fraud globally for telecoms operators.

Following our Fraud Prevention Market Intelligence report, ROCCO received a number of enquiries about the best vendors for International Revenue Share Fraud Prevention solutions. The Market Intelligence report features maps of the vendors and the solutions they support from the top telecoms fraud spectrum (see the one below based on Business Fraud).

This year, on our mission to support MNOs in understanding the often complex vendor market, we will be releasing next week our SIM Box Detection Vendor Performance Report too.

IRSF Prevention Solutions Vendor Performance 2019

Between May and October 2019 we asked MNOs globally to give us their perceptions of IRSF Vendors, how well they knew them and how they would rate them. They rated Vendors on 35+ KPIs in the area of Performance and Leadership. The survey was about brand perception, experience of these providers as well as an understanding of whether MNOs would choose them over others. With 12 Vendors there was tough competition.

MNOs who participated in the Research will receive their free Executive Summary Report shortly, thanks for your support and feedback, we hope you enjoy the data and insights into the Vendors.

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Reliable Research 

In the 7 years we have been providing ROCCO Research we have acquired the participation of 500+ Operators and over 160 different Vendors to our research. We think this is because of the trust we have developed with our networks and long lasting relationships with the industry. We provide something for free to those companies that take part in this research, for sharing with us their views and they have many thoughts to share!

It must be said it is not ROCCO how chooses the Vendors or has any influence over the results. What we do, which we believe is more important, is to ask the questions and facilitate the findings this kind of research that lets MNOs and Vendors speak for themselves.

ROCCO doesn’t use sponsors for our research, instead we ask MNOs:

  • To tell us what projects they want us to conduct
  • We ask the questions MNOs want us to ask
  • We publish the results without outside influence to the data we have received

Since we don’t have sponsors for the research we sell our Strategic Analysis reports to cover our Research costs.