Eureka! Blockchain Leadership with Surlak Patel

These days the temperature is rising, on the need for more innovative Wholesale International Roaming processes and right now there’s no clearer opportunity for improving the roaming supply chain than DLT’s and Blockchain. If you think about it the SDR is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, so what more can be done with processes, many of which are over two decades old to make it easier for the ecosystem to become more efficient.

Speaking with associations, operators, vendors and professionals outside of our immediate industry, ROCCO is trying to learn what other industries are using Blockchain for and how it might help us.

Which is why on a recent trip to Australia I was lucky enough to meet Surlak Patel, a specialist consultant in Blockchain, DevOps, Cloud and Product Management at Skiva Solutions.

Surlak and I have recorded three separate podcasts for you, covering everything from the basics, right through to security, IoT, AI, and every step of the way there’s some innovative ideas about how Blockchain will be used by telecoms operators.