ROCCO Group has been working in the telecoms industry since 2012 offering consultancy and research services. After all these years we are using all the knowledge obtained through the experience to help others keep growing as professionals.

ROCCO U provides a neutral, flexible and updated education to connect professionals within the telecoms sector with basic and advanced courses on the most important topics in this industry.


ROCCO U is holding its first On Campus Certified Course to provide attendees with valuable insights in terms of innovation in the Roaming Strategy field.

This 2 day training event will be held in Spain, offering two certified courses at an advanced level: Roaming Strategy Part 1 and Part 2.

  Students will understand the value of disrupting and innovative thinking when developing strategic planning. Lecturers will walk them through ROCCO research data, reviewing models and analysing business case studies inside and outside the telecoms industry.

Read more about it in the Course Catalogue: ROCCO U Roaming Strategy Course Dec 2019