How we do Wholesale Roaming in 2019

In 2015 we held a short survey for MNOs Wholesale Roaming teams called…

“How we do Roaming in 2015”

It was very insightful, MNOs found it helpful and we also used it as the basis for further research initiatives. Before that time no one had really been interested in measuring the way that Wholesale Roaming as a function was evolving.

Some of the key factors that came out of the research were the challenges MNOs had with pretty much all aspects of the Wholesale Roaming business. From 30 year old processes, to paper orientated processes and of course a lot of inefficiency.

Since that time the role of that function has remained the same but has faced considerable challenges (regulations, new service openings, silent roamer growth, market disruption). It’s not an easy role especially when we consider the growth in Roaming usage is tremendous globally. 3.8% growth in travel and 300% increase in Roaming in the EU alone has seen roaming being used more than ever before.

Interestingly, with 5G Roaming coming in the next few years the wholesale roaming function is going to face new challenges unlike its ever seen before. The negotiations and service openings will be based on optimising costs of course but also now about optimising quality.

So if you are working in a Wholesale Roaming team, maybe your boss or the management team you fall under may not be aware of the impending impacts on your function. With this survey we intend to provide some insights, strategic guidance and support to a somewhat forgotten but fundamental function in the MNO.

We are running the same survey again…

How we do Wholesale Roaming in 2019

Please click on the link above to participate or scan the QR code with your smartphones camera and lets together create some awareness of the new era of wholesale roaming which is soon upon us.

Or visit our Surveys for MNOs page where you can always find some interesting research projects ongoing.