Welcome to WELL CONNECTED, on this weeks show Jason Bryan speaks with Vedrana Miholic, whom he met recently at the WAS 8 event in Croatia.

Vedrana spoke in the Women in Tech sessions at WAS, and it was a great pleasure for ROCCO to get to know her a little better.

In her interview Vedrana tells us about her role in Stemi (learning by creating), a place where people are encouraged to create new things such as their Hexapod Robot, where you can literally build your own robot, Learning how to assemble it and how to create a mobile application with which you can control it.

As more and more women are needed in tech, to help make this field more diverse it was really encourgaing to hear Vedrana talk, about the progress they are making with the Stemi Solution.

Photo by Infobip who sponsored the WAS 8 Event.