25/07/2018 London. ROCCO starts its 2nd Annual research into Signalling Firewall Vendor Performance.

This research project is the 100th project conducted by ROCCO!

This research project is aimed at MNOs giving their views on the Vendors of these solutions. Following last years Report and Market Intelligence Report for Signalling Firewall we now seek the opinions of MNO’s on Signalling Firewall Vendors (Vendors who offer SS7 / SS7 and Diameter Firewall services).

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MNOs Please Note:

  • ROCCO Rewards: As well as the free Executive Summary report each MNO who takes part will receive, any MNO who takes part in 3 of our surveys also received a Vendor Performance or Strategy Report of their choice which we normally sell. See the Reports here.
  • See our Research projects page for other surveys currently running


The vulnerabilities within the Signalling System #7 (SS7) networks and protocols and within the Diameter protocol and the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) are a dominant topic in the discussions about mobile network security. Having conducted Signalling Firewall Research with the vendors last year, where we interviewed with over 100 criteria 13 leading Vendors, we were in a better position to start our first Signalling Firewall Vendor Performance survey.

The Vendor Performance research is designed so that MNOs can give their view on Signalling Firewall vendors based on a list of specially chosen KPIs. MNOs who take part will receive an exclusive Executive Summary Report which shows the Vendors ranked in order of KPI ratings by all MNOs and an overview of all the Hot topics.

The research is hosted only by ROCCO, so the MNOs views are aggregated in the reports and any feedback given by MNOs is completely confidential. This is the basis on which we have been delivering research for the last five years. MNOs like the opportunity to share their views with ROCCO as a neutral entity and understand the views of other MNOs.

About the Research

This years research contains over 20 Signalling Firewall Vendors:

MNOs can add to the list by choosing OTHER and we will in turn update the list with additional Vendors. Only Vendors whom receive at least 5 responses from MNOs are included in the report. This is to ensure meaningful results. But it also allows any Vendor large or small to reach a tier one ranking, as the rankings are based not on the amount of responses received but the overall perceptions of the MNOs who take part. ROCCO remains a company devoted to neutrality. Our Vendor Performance Research is never sponsored, since we like to ask the questions Operators want and give the true position in the market in our reports.

The survey is open for a short time only, closing on September 21st.

We will present the results in tiers, as we have previously. This means than multiple Vendors may be announced within tier one (Overall score between 4-5 points out of 5) and Vendors who score lower than this will be announced as Tier 2 or Tier 3.

Thank you for participating in ROCCO Research.