As Roaming Regulations, Roaming usage and behaviours continue to evolve it’s important for MNOs to measure quality, the status of fair use policies, permanent roaming and other such factors in a greater frequency than ever before. Some perspectives we are trying to learn are:

  • What is the perfect combination of KPIs would you say to ensure good business practices?
  • Is the marketplace really prepared for what is needed by MNOs from a Business Intelligence perspective?

In a short survey (12 minutes) we are asking MNOs to give us some insights.

Roaming Business Intelligence Survey 2018

In return for their time spent on this survey, we will be sending MNOs our IPX BIG DATA Report. But also sending them some other insights on IPX we have recently uncovered.

As usual all ROCCO RESEARCH follows the strict guidelines of GDPR and are completely anonymous and confidential.

Incase you are not the right person to participate in this survey, we would be grateful if you would pass it along to another member of the team.

The survey closes in one month on the 21st August 2018.

Many thanks for participating.