20.06.2018 London. ROCCO Commences International research into SS7 Signalling Market Pricing, asking what is the market price for SS7 signalling for an MNO.

ROCCO asks MNOs to give us their views in an insightful and well designed new survey. One of three surveys launched in the last year about IPX services. Please forward this post to anyone from an MNO who you think might be interested in taking part. 

Following our research into Diameter Transactions and Data Roaming we are now starting the 3rd tier of our investigation into SS7 Signalling. These three research projects have been widely requested by MNOs who by completing the confidential survey will receive the aggregated data of all MNOs who take part in the survey. In general these surveys are responded to by around 60+ MNOs, providing a Operator Type and Regional basis for analysis.

Take the SS7 Signalling Survey here

ROCCO has designed this confidential survey so that any MNO can contribute and give their perceptions of the market price. In return they will receive a free Executive Summary report with the aggregated market pricing for all MNOs who contributed. No MNOs are specifically mentioned in our report, the report will simply feature the aggregated data of all MNOs.

ROCCO is a neutral company making independent research since 2012. The survey is open from today until which time we have enough responses to make a relevant report (estimated as August 2018). When the results are published MNOs receive first their Executive Summary.