Roaming Management Solutions: New Report compares vendors and their solutions

Today as M-IoT emerges, eSIM, VoLTE and soon 5G Roaming, its clear the endless building of Roaming solutions will only continue apace.

Roaming Regulation has triggered Silent Roamers to engage again with Data Roaming and traffic between MNOs is the most successful it has ever been, even if owing to regulations the revenues are not as good as they once were.

A perfect trigger then for Roaming Management Systems (RMS) to embrace their true value, in making the cost base that bit more palatable for the senior management team.

This reports intention is to uncover the services offered by RMS Vendors in comparing and contrasting the Vendors solutions and bringing visibility to their offerings. ROCCO has conducted independent interviews with 6 Vendors to understand the modules they offer and what their objectives are as companies. We want to get to know the solution vendors as well as understand their tools and services to make it easier for MNOs or Enterprises to get closer to their purchasing decisions.

Roaming Management Systems Market Intelligence Report 2018

The Strategic Analysis version of this report helps to explain the Vendors themselves, their geographic location but also their capability (offices, resources) and the way they think about the industry. We then also go on to study the solutions themselves what they offer and how they compare and contrast to each other. We conclude with the interviews we carried out with the Vendors so that companies buying the Strategic Analysis will benefit from reading verbatim how each Vendor has described their solutions. 

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