In this Newsdesk we try and provide 99% coverage of the some of the key themes at the recent WAS meeting with a number of interviews with thought leaders that we met at the conference.

We hear from Sonia Harjani from Travelling Connect about their new trading platform solution for handling IOT negotiations.

We also chatted with Sarah Barakat from Monty about their new solution known as the MRewards service.

With a key focus of the WAS meeting on Women in Tech we spoke to the wonderful Travia Stewart from BICS about what she felt companies can do to encourage diversity in the workplace and finally it was a pleasure to welcome back Vicky Sleight who was presenting in the women in tech forum at WAS about how mentoring and sponsorship for men and women is a great way forwards to turbo charge careers in this space.

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All Interviews which we think between them really capture the spirit of the WAS meeting. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Many thanks to Polina Hristova for the great journalism here.