5th April 2018 London: ROCCO launches new Research into Alternative Roaming Solutions

It’s with great pleasure that today we commence our long awaited research into non-traditional Roaming solutions a.k.a. Alternative Roaming Solutions.

We know from our Roaming Bill Shock Research in 2016 and 2015 that while roaming regulations are more common these days, less than 50 countries have stringent rules for Roaming pricing and billing. In recent years, what has emerged is a range of rich and exciting alternatives to the Traditional Roaming methods we would like to talk about and socialise in the industry.

We also know that for MNOs who do not have ubiquitous coverage globally or want to offer alternatives to their customers, that there are interesting models and vendors out there who may have solutions relevant for their markets.

Let’s also not pretend that to save costs, subscribers will invest their time in trying to learn about alternatives, especially if a small time investment leads to financial gains, be it for a weekend a summer holiday or a long term trip away from home.

In this research we want to uncover all those Alternative Roaming Models and services. We want to know something about how they work technically, but more so what is their commercial offer and how they might appeal to the end user as a true alternative to taking the roaming services of their home Operator. Some hot topics we will cover are:

  • Pricing
  • Pricing Models
  • Coverage
  • Security
  • Permanent Roaming Situations

There are many innovations in the market and this is going to be truly interesting for the industry as well as those companies who are offering the alternatives.

Vendors who take part will respond to our questions and their answers will be presented verbatim, making this not only a marketing opportunity but also a chance to expand their professional network.

ROCCO’s driver for this research is really just curiosity, what solutions are out there and how do they compare with the traditional methods. If such solutions were more ubiquitous could they reveal new traditional models for roaming? Or could they be triggers to avoid regulators having to put together stringent Roaming plans. With Roaming we always have to look towards what alternative models are emerging. Especially since Roaming is being utilised more than ever before.

Vendors looking to take part need only contact ROCCO here


We have a very simple approach to all our research projects. As with all our Market Intelligence Research we will:

  • Interview companies. Participation in the project is free.
  • We will prepare a report which shows all the solutions, comparing them according to the data we have received from the vendors of the solutions, we will not judge the solutions but more explain the differences between them. We then create our report.
  • We will then send out an Executive Summary version of our report to our 34,000 Industry Contacts and publish this from our website for free. The Executive Summary will have a directory of all the vendors who took part in the research. All participants will naturally also receive the Executive Summary.
  • To recover our costs we will sell a more detailed Strategic Analysis version of the report to anyone who wants to buy it.


ROCCO Remains neutral in our approach. We never use sponsors for our reports. We want to get to the truth of the situation, asking the questions we want and presenting the responses with full transparency. We don’t really invest in research projects unless we feel we can push the barriers of knowledge and learn something.