14 February 2018 London. ROCCO commences the widest ever study with MNOs into Roaming Bill Shock for Mobile Operators.

In the last year there has been a wave of Roaming Regulation so strong that many industry people ask has there been a change in Roaming behaviours? Has the Silent Roamers phenomenon disappeared? Some Vendors in the market have reported that a 300% – 900% increase in Roaming usage in the EU has reshaped the Roaming environment and will drive Roaming economics globally. However what are the effects of the Regulation? Are there Bill Shocks related to Regulation Fair Use Policies? Also what about not regulated regions? What Bill Shock remains there and how has the EU influenced these regions? What about those territories where monopolies for Roaming remain?

Our aim in ROCCO is to take as many MNO responses as possible and answer some of these questions via a simple and short MNO survey:

MNOs can respond to the Survey here

This research is not sponsored and is presented exclusively by ROCCO. We do not sell or market any products related to Roaming, we cover our costs for the project through selling advanced version of our reports.

MNOs taking part in the survey will receive a copy of the report for free. 

The Roaming Bill Shock Strategy Report 2018 contents will contain:

  • What Bill Shock effects are there globally and how are MNOs handling them effectively
  • What Silent Roaming impacts are there globally and what can MNOs do to reduce it
  • Has regulation helped with Bill Shock or has the complexities of some regulations contributed to it
  • Aggregated data from all MNOs who took part showing the scale of the problem
  • Comparisons between data from 2015, 2016 and 2018
  • Regional breakdowns
  • Analysis of the data by MNO type

Many thanks for your participation in ROCCO Research.