ROCCO HQ London 05/02/18 Our research has been concluded on our 3rd report of the year, the results have been checked and verified and we are pleased to announce the leaders in Steering of Roaming 2018.

The Background to this report

The optimisation of Steering of Roaming is a growing business with a growing number of Vendors (18 Vendors in this research). Every time we run this research the number of vendors increases. Interestingly some Vendors come into focus and leave and others consistently appear at the top.

Precise targeting systems for Steering are what MNOs are looking for today, which are a hybrid blend of OTA and Signalling but also allow for granular targeting of specific devices and or customer types. One of those customer types is of course the Internet of Things. The Internet of things brings a whole new business requirement, potentially a specially designed system for Steering built bespoke in some cases. The principles however remain the same, says Jason Bryan our CEO…

“MNOs are connectivity partners for many types of Enterprises these days, each coming with devices with specific characteristics that need to be steered with real accuracy. MNOs need to have a closer view, call it a 1000x zoom so they have a much more specific targeting for steering. This is where choosing the right tool from the right vendor is essential to their overall solution”.

This years report features several questions related to Internet of Things, Consumer eSIM and other hot topics. Its a pleasure to get MNOs views on how the needs for Steering are changing.

About this Report

This is the fourth time that ROCCO has studied Steering of Roaming, so apart from knowing all about the Vendors from our Steering of Roaming Reports in 2013, 2014 and 2015, there has been a three year gap in reporting. So it was interesting to see how things had changed in the last 3 years.

The infographic below features the leading Vendors for 2018. It should be noted that MNOs did not rate any Vendor in this report as Tier One (with an overall score between 4 and 5 points out of 5). So in this case we have chosen to present all Vendors in the next tier, Tier two. Starting in alphabetical order we have four leaders in tier two for 2018. This means that all these Vendors scored overall between 3.5-4 points out of 5 in their Overall Score.

Steering of Roaming Vendor Performance Report 2018

Between November 2017 and January 2018 we asked MNOs globally to give us their perceptions of Steering of Roaming Vendors, how well they knew them and how they would rate them. They rated Vendors on 30+ KPIs in the area of Performance, Value and Leadership. The survey was about brand perception, experience of these providers as well as an understanding of whether MNOs would choose them over others. There were 18 Vendors which invited tough competition.

  • All MNOs who contributed to the report will shortly receive the Strategic Analysis version of the report for their review.
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ROCCO Also produces a Unlimited Distribution license for the report for companies wishing to share to other companies.

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