Beyond the alarmism, what actually is IoT Security and what are MNOs doing about it?

  • The research on IoT Security was conducted among MNOs globally during October and November 2017
  • More thought leadership is needed on IoT Security
  • MNOs need IoT Security specific teams, products and or expertise

30th January, 2018 – London, UK. The results have been checked and verified and many thanks to the 89 MNOs who contributed to these findings. We are happy to announce today the results of the first global research project about IoT Security. The survey conducted among Mobile Network Operators globally gives an understanding of the current strategic opinions and position today on IoT Security.

The ROCCO Internet of Things Security Strategy Report 2018 is a report dedicated to the investigation of cellular Internet of Things (IoT) security. The scope of the report is an investigation with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) about their views and perspectives on security for IoT, across all verticals, device types and from their perspective as a connectivity partner within the IoT ecosystem.

This report is undertaken with global MNOs of all sizes and has been created and facilitated by ROCCO the telecoms research company. ROCCO has captured unbiased and neutral information from key IoT personnel in 89 MNOs in 55 Countries globally. The data was captured in October and November 2017.

This research project has been triggered by requests from MNOs and other interested parties in understanding the telecoms industry position on IoT Security and to help that industry strategically with data which helps with discussion and strategic decision making. The scope of this report is to get as many as possible insights while respecting an MNOs position. The themes here are therefore:

  • Perception of Security threats
  • Preparedness
  • Advanced v Standard IoT Security

Details about the research and research methodology can be obtained at

Internet of Things Security Strategy Report 2018

  • All MNOs who contributed to the report will shortly receive the Strategic Analysis version of the report for their review.
  • The Strategic Analysis version of the report is also available to buy from ROCCO by following the link below. Or by using our Report Points System.
  • ROCCO’s Subscription customers will shortly receive the Strategic Analysis version of the report.

Read more about the report here

ROCCO Also produces a Unlimited Distribution license for the report for companies wishing to forward to other companies.