While keeping an eye on A.I. and 5G here at ROCCO we are also on a mission to keep things a bit more closer to home. MNOs are working on VoLTE. We know this because in our research, we are constantly being brought back to this fact.

To respond to this, yesterday we launched a VoLTE Vision Survey for MNOs repeating the successful research we conducted in 2016 where over 100 MNOs and several vendors engaged with us on some very relevant findings. So we now look to understand the current VoLTE marketplace by conducting a VoLTE Vision survey for Vendors.

VoLTE Vision is about a comprehensive view of VoLTE Roaming and Interconnect we can all use to make strategic decisions. We are combining Vendor and MNO feedback into a new global report on VoLTE with up-to-date information and insights. 

If you are a Vendor who has a VoLTE offering, by taking part in this research we will add you to our Directory of Vendors offering VoLTE Services. All you have to do is contact us at HQ@rocco.group to receive the VoLTE survey. For taking part in the research ROCCO will send you the Executive Summary version of the report we will be producing in February 2018.

Its a quick turn around since the information is urgently needed for some MNOs. So the survey is not as detailed as most that we conduct.

Please participate and spread the word about your products and services.