From Jason Bryan ROCCO CEO

At this time of year, for many of us the holiday break is already upon us, time to stop thinking about business or maybe time to start planning for 2018. Getting ahead is always a nice feeling coming into the new year.

At ROCCO we had an interesting 2017 and it gave fuel to lots of new projects we will be working on in 2018. So it’s with great pleasure that we share with you an insight into our 2018. Please find enclosed our catalogue for 2018.

Our Reports Catalogue 2018

Dynamism is a good thing but it often makes planning difficult. Towards the end of 2018, some projects are not fully defined so they are not explicitly listed here. However please note the reports are all scheduled.

Despite all of this planning, projects come in which excite our clients and us too. We hope that you will tell us what projects you would like to see. Simply contact us here too do that.

On the Training front. There is a lot being organised. See our Masterclasses here or if you like to add your own view on your training needs please complete our Training Survey.

We will be holding our “New Years message” for a week or so yet, but until then sincerest Happy Holidays from all the team here at ROCCO. You have made us the research brand we are today and we hope we can help you develop this industry with our insights in 2018.