We are often asked by MNOs, what Roaming Management Systems can help them to really deliver end-to-end support for Roaming. Let’s face it, with Regulation, M-IoT, VoLTE and LTE rollouts MNOs need support. Further to our RMS Vendor Performance Research in 2015 we have a number of MNOs and several enterprise customers who are asking us now which RMS systems are on the market and what are the differences between them. Internet of Things platform providers are also interested in evaluating all the solutions on the market.

Currently this is not an easy question to answer as this is a niche business and currently no one is producing any research on this area. Therefore, we have put together a detailed online interview for Vendors of RMS which asks details about the RMS solutions on offer. Our focus is on Roaming Management Systems which support cellular Internet of Things (M2M) as well as Consumers.

Vendors have until 20th December to take part with the report anticipated in mid to late January 2018. Vendors can contact us at to be sent the interview.

The benefits to MNOs are:

  • We will create from the results a “complete” directory of RMS solutions on the market
  • We will create a report which compares and contrasts the solutions and we will send you for free an Executive Summary of that report

The Benefits for Vendors are: 

  • There is no cost to take part
  • We will also send the Executive Summary report to our database of 36,000 Roaming and Interconnect contacts for free for their review
  • They get to see what their competitors are doing these days

The benefits to ROCCO are:

  • We get to understand what is on offer in the market today and how each solution compares, a question often asked but at present is hard to answer simply
  • We will produce a Strategic Analysis report which we will sell to our clients to recover our costs for running this research, the research is not sponsored so this is our commercial model.

We are not going to judge the responses, but we are going to present the information Vendors give to us verbatim as we do in all our Market Intelligence reports. Our task is in presenting the answer of all vendors and summarising the situation.


Watch out for the results of this research in January. Many thanks for supporting ROCCO Research