Concluding last week on our IPX Networks Vendor Performance research it was interesting to see that one of the key focus points of the 187 MNOs who took part was VoLTE services.

These days there is lots of activity on VoLTE. As reported in September 2017 by the GSA, in total 203 operators are currently investing in VoLTE globally and there are 123 countries where VoLTE has currently been commercially deployed.

What MNOs were looking for from IPX

Some quotes from MNOs from the report reveal insights into VoLTE features MNOs were looking for from IPX

“Improve VoLTE Interconnect”
“VoLTE Roaming”
“Support VoLTE roaming, maintain quality”
“Quality, VoLTE roaming models”
“Data Speed and VoLTE”
“VoLTE, more LTE roaming”

MNOs also rated IPX on their readiness for VoLTE or VoWIFI. See left the TOP 5 IPX Networks in terms of VoLTE Readiness as voted by MNOs. This is one KPI from over 40, but provides insights into the support for these services bring now global, something that we also saw in our VoLTE Vision report last year.

Due to the success of S8HR implementations globally & the current market trajectory, MNOs seem more clear these days on what to support, but many IPX continue to support both services even if they are uncertain about which direction to take their VoLTE products and services.

Although in recent industry discussions there is a push by some companies to support LBO or an advanced version of LBO. All of this makes it more difficult for the market to get a clear direction on VoLTE. While there is ambiguity there is also a chance that projects are delayed.

Some day 3G will be decommissioned (due to its high maintenance cost), some MNOs are clear roaming voice needs to be migrated to LTE.

For more insights into our IPX NETWORKS VENDOR PERFORMANCE REPORT see our recent article. Or listen to Stefano de Zottis talk about IPX Market Pricing on ROCCO RADIO.

VoLTE Vision Strategy 2018 commences soon. See our Research Projects tab for how which projects are open and planned for the coming weeks.