30/10/2017 ROCCO is pleased to announce the first ever large scale IoT Security Strategy survey for our industry, one of our most anticipated research projects for MNOs of the year on IoT Security Strategy.

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It seems that in 2017 the abbreviation IoT is synonymous with the word security. Almost from the first day of the year in the new years resolutions for 2017 there were plans to focus on security for MNOs. As Telefonica’s Vicente Muñoz Chief IoT Officer states in his IoT Trends for 2017:

“There is no way to talk about the IoT without addressing one of the most sensitive issues: security”.

Clearly, Security is crucial. There will be more and more attention paid to the security side of IoT in 2018 with the growing potential for security cyber breaches, given some of the security breaches that are predicted…some major companies will be impacted unless they take action to protect themselves i.e. hacking into systems which include cameras and sensors.

This Research

Following our Roaming Internet of Things Survey conducted in Spring this year, we have been curating the right questions we think are relevant to IOT Security that we as ROCCO can shed some specific insights into. The survey attached gives an overview, but it also will allow us to scale the issue and let’s say understand for the MNOs in our community what we are really grappling with here.

In our survey launched today ROCCO is focused on understanding how we can support MNOs with more strategic intelligence on this topic. With over 500 MNOs contributing to our research every year and with the diversity of topics we cover we have access to over 30,000 contacts. We need your help to get this survey in front of the people in your organisations that are really dealing with IOT Security. Please forward this page, mail etc if you can help.

How it works is that an MNO takes the survey confidentially. ROCCO after 6 weeks will pull all the data together and will produce an Executive Summary report based on the aggregated feedback of all MNOs, which will be sent exclusively to all the MNOs who take part in the research. It takes 10 minutes to complete our survey.

MNOs are welcome if they want to raise additional questions they think we need to ask or start a dialogue with us on this topic. Please contact us for any points.

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Many thanks for your support.