This December ROCCO has introduced a new Masterclass for A2P SMS Messaging. The event will be held in Wembley, London on the 5th and 6th December.

If you are an enterprise, a mobile operator or an MVNO looking to get into A2P SMS, this event which is neutral and independently run is the perfect place to understand A2P SMS and how your business can utilise it better.

Delegates must book in advance a minimum of 30 days before. 

To read more about our event please see our booking and purchase page.



Since our A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence Report 2016 and A2P SMS and Mobile Engagement Report was published this year, ROCCO has carried out research, strategic consulting and training for a good number of players in the A2P SMS industry and we have most definitely seen means of engagement beyond A2P SMS appearing on a more regular basis in product offerings, particularly for those aimed at the Enterprise domain.

All organisations we have dealt with recently agree that the A2P SMS market globally is expanding and will continue to do so for a number of years. There is no exact consensus as to when this phase of year-on-year cumulative annual growth will run out of steam but we can see from the responses to our Vendor Performance research that a good number of organisations are moving beyond their traditional domain of A2P SMS only and beyond Wholesale A2P SMS.

The Enterprise domain is on people’s radars and channels beyond just A2P SMS are being looked at including RCS and Chatbots. One factor we have seen is that a good number of companies, who until recently had been focused on Voice only, have made recent moves into A2P SMS. Margins on Wholesale Voice are wafer thin and under constant pressure. New areas of expansion are required and A2P SMS seems to fit the bill nicely, with a more Enterprise-focused solution being their ultimate aim. Enterprise changes the whole game here as there is absolutely an expectation of two-way communication which brings additional complexities with it. Entering the Wholesale A2P SMS domain is quite often their ‘Phase 1’.

What is clear is that no one means of communication can successfully win the day and be expected to deliver the optimal solution in all circumstances. An intelligent mix is required or Omni-Channel approach. Avenues of two-way communication are rapidly becoming a ‘must have’ though.

Whilst it is clear that the area of Mobile Engagement is indeed broad, A2P SMS will continue to play an important role for all those in the industry for some time to come. How long A2P SMS will retain its dominance where Enterprise communications in particular are concerned is uncertain but from the development activity across the industry, a good number of players are preparing for the future with a wide and varied product mix which they can optimise to fit any given client requirement. Flexibility is crucial and we at ROCCO look forward to continuing to work with so many organisations responsible for driving the market today.