Launched today: ROCCO’s 4th Annual study into IPX Networks Vendor Performance

For the fourth consecutive year ROCCO is pleased to open its Vendor Performance Research 2017 for IPX Networks.

MNOS can complete the Survey 2017 here

The Survey which is for MNOs only is a study specifically about IPX Networks and their performance and leadership. ROCCO has taken over 30 KPIs and asked MNOs to rate IPX Networks on their performance. Each year the MNOs who take part in the survey receive an Executive Report of the findings across all MNOs who took part (typically between 100-200 global MNOs). Since the survey is not sponsored by anyone and ROCCO is a neutral company ROCCO also sells an extended version of the Report to MNOs who did not take part in the survey or to the Vendors themselves who are always interested in what the MNOs think about them.

In 2017 more than 25 IPX Networks are listed in our survey for MNOs to choose from, however MNOs can also add any IPX that is not listed if they want to talk about another IPX. ROCCO always adds any other IPX who MNOs want to talk about. The result is a complete global and industry wide review of where IPX performing well and who are the market leaders.

The survey if open from today until the end of September 2017. When the results are published MNOs receive first their Executive Summary and ROCCO announces the Tier 1 leaders in IPX Networks.

The Leading IPX Networks in 2016 and 2015 were…