Launched Today: Our global investigation into Signalling Firewall Solutions

As maybe you saw from our article last week, the vulnerabilities within the Signalling System #7 (SS7) networks and protocols and, consequently, within the Diameter protocol and the Evolved Packet Core (EPC), are a dominant topic in the discussions about mobile network security.

Though the minimal SS7 security features did not represent a problem in the 1980s, when SS7 was introduced and designed to be used as a “trusted network”, with the addition of new typologies of MNOs and Roaming Hubs to the SS7 marketplace, the SS7 vulnerabilities represent a threat and are increasingly raising concerns among new but also longstanding MNOs.

The SS7 security flaws reported in 2014, at a hacker conference in Hamburg, confirmed what were the potential risks for the end users.

Consequently, the mobile ecosystem has been working on defining recommendations and implementing solutions to detect and prevent potential attacks. MNOs are actively adopting SS7, Sigtran and Diameter based Signalling firewalls in their networks to prevent and to detect threats.

Let’s help all interested parties to help understand Signalling Firewall solutions.

At ROCCO we have created a 100+ question interview with Vendors offering these solutions to try to identify which Vendors are offering the highest quality solutions.

There are 20 Vendors in our list to Interview. The report Signalling Firewall Market Intelligence Report 2017 will be published in May 2017 when the Executive Summary of our report will be shared for free with our database of over 34,000 global contacts.

To take part Vendors need only contact us at from where they will be sent the interview. If you’re a vendor and offer these solutions get in touch with us. If you’re an MNO choosing a SigFire Vendor or wanting to understand better the landscape, this reports finding will be of great benefit.

Incase you would like to tell us how we are doing at ROCCO, for the Month of April we have launched a short survey on ROCCO. Please follow the link to take part, it’s open to everyone. Many thanks. Take the survey here.