ROCCO HQ London 13/12/16 Our market research has been concluded with Vendors on Roaming QoS Testing Solutions for 2016.

Our Roaming QoS Testing Solutions Market Intelligence Report 2016 which we publish today allowed us to know better the topics most important to MNOs and Vendors and really helped us to build a strong intelligence on this topic. There are some really amazing solutions out there.

But what is the future of Roaming Quality of Service testing? 

While MNOs are highly in favour of these solutions, they had very mixed views in our Vendor Performance Report about what exactly might happen. Whereas Vendors with their consolidated view see a very positive outlook…

















qos-market-intelligence-coverRoaming QoS Testing Solutions Market Intelligence Report 2016

In Q2, Q3 2016 we asked Vendors globally to tell us about their Roaming QoS testing solutions, what they did and how they performed. We asked over 60 tough and often radical questions to help us to define each solution and be able to compare them side by side, like an MNO might do in an RFQ.

7 Vendors took our interview and shared with their insights on the tools but also on the vision of Roaming Quality Testing in the future. Its fascinating to see the differences in approach and also the diversity of the solutions.

Vendors who participated in this research will shortly receive the Executive Summary of the report.

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We also just completed the Vendor Performance Report, a Report requested of us by MNOs, who were also the ones who gave us all the feedback on their preferred Vendors.


qos-vp-coverRoaming QoS Testing Solutions Vendor Performance Report 2016

Between March and September 2016 we asked MNOs globally to give us their perceptions of Roaming QoS testing Vendors, how well they knew them and how they would rate them. They rated Vendors on 40+ KPIs in the area of Performance and Leadership. The survey was about brand perception, experience of these providers as well as an understanding of whether MNOs would choose them over others.

With 13 Vendors there was tough competition. We started with around 10 Vendors but when MNOs wanted to include other Vendors we immediately updated the survey to include them, inviting all MNOs to comment.

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The Innovators…Research for the innovation of Roaming and Interconnect

If you are an MNO and interested in taking part in a quick survey about the Innovation of Roaming and Interconnect Vendors we would be delighted to hear from you… each MNO who takes part in this confidential survey receives the Executive Summary Report including all the findings and the Vendor leaderboard for Innovation in this market…

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ROCCO is a company who chose to be neutral

In the 4 years we have been providing ROCCO Research we have acquired the participation of 500+ Operators and over 50 different Vendors to our research. We think this is because of the trust we have developed with our networks and long lasting relationships with the industry. We provide something for free to those companies that take part in this research, for sharing with us their views and they have many thoughts to share!

It must be said it is not ROCCO how chooses the Vendors or has any influence over the results. What we do, which we believe is more important, is to ask the questions and facilitate the findings this kind of research that lets MNOs and Vendors speak for themselves.

ROCCO doesn’t partner with any vendor in our Vendor Performance research or ask other companies to sponsor our research because we think this effects the neutrality of what we do and also prevents us from:

  • Asking the questions MNOs really want us to ask
  • Altering what we want to present, a true industry picture of what MNOs think today
  • Since we sponsor our own research we sell our Strategic Analysis reports to cover our Research costs.

Thank you to all Vendors and MNOs for participating in ROCCO Research in 2016