Roaming Bill shock isn’t solved by making Roaming cheaper, it’s aways possible relative to perceived cost and the reality of what you actually pay, it’s about how you deliver Roaming solutions

Every MNO we meet tells us that they have Roaming Bill Shock issues. While we believe them, ROCCO also did some recent research into the worlds Roaming Bill Shock issues with internet search engines and reviewed articles from the worlds press. We looked at articles in multiple languages and from multiple countries and what’s clear is that Bill Shock remains today a key challenge in the trust relationship between MNO and subscriber.

Our Roaming Bill Shock Survey of 2015 also revealed some interesting global insights



Roaming Bill Shock didn’t go away with pre-paid roaming, zonal pricing didn’t really help to make it simpler to understand what you will pay, bundles make the subscriber feel more confident but not always suited to your specific travel plans, even the apps on our smartphones which measure our usage don’t always succeed well in the roaming scenario.

Considering the penetration of mobile devices globally is at around 65%* (4.7 Billion) and the 50M more travellers YOY** it’s not surprising is that there are still many cases.

And what an untapped market there is out there… we reported last year up to 90% Silent Roamers in some countries according to the feedback given to us from the 114 MNOs who contributed to our research. While the average is certainly lower its still clear to assume the challenge of mobile data while Roaming is in our consciousness and more radical ideas are needed. Even if we as an MNO solve the problem for our Outbound subscribers we can’t solve the problem for the retail offering our Inbound subscribers have without the industry moving together on a solution.

We are now running our Roaming Bill Shock research for 2016. We want as many MNOs and MVNO’s to take part as possible in order to get more insights into what is working. If you are an MNO who has a solution, you can enter this survey confidentially and share your perceptions. Every MNO who takes part will have the chance to read the feedback of all MNOs who are involved in the research as we are sending an exclusive report to the contributors.

MNO’s please Click here to take part in a short survey on Roaming Bill shock, if you are not the right delegate in your company please forward this post to them. Many thanks.

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