1ROCCO Partners with UROS for Roaming Bill Shock Research 2016

London 16/08/2016 ROCCO Partners with UROS for Roaming Bill Shock Research 2016. Mobility and International Roaming are important lifestyle trends in the marketplace as consumers and businesses embrace smart devices and the Internet of Things. Let’s face it, while wifi is helpful and where we may consume most of our data, we are dependent on smart mobile devices and naturally if consumers use products or services without checking pricing, they may experience Roaming Bill Shock (RBS).

But worse than that in our view, is the situation which now arises where the user, deeply concerned with RBS is forced through MNO retail plans becoming more customizable and complex, lack of transparency on what smart mobile devices do in the Roaming scenario and mis-trust of pricing, to simply switch off data roaming and become a “Silent Roamer”. The lack of productivity is clear.

The lack of innovation in this space for MNOs has also become somewhat painful and hard to manage. It can be difficult for MNOs to alert their subscribers to potential impending RBS when they in turn may not be aware until clearing processes are completed or may not have found the right retail solution to really give piece of mind to the subscriber.

With all this in mind, for the second year ROCCO has created a research survey for Roaming Bill Shock. The research aims to support MNOs in presenting the opinions of other MNOs on their personal RBS strategies.

The research was inspired for the second year by Roaming Solution provider UROS and ROCCO agrees with UROS that this is an area lacking focus in the industry.

“This research is an important opportunity to understand if MNOs initiatives to solve Roaming Bill Shock are taking effect and to learn what progress is being made with Silent Roamers.”

Advised Gerritjan Konijnenberg, C.E.O. of UROS.

“The Industry needs to understand how new initiatives and innovation can improve the situation for consumers rapidly”.

Also commenting on the research, Jason Bryan C.E.O. of ROCCO said.

“While no association or industry body studies this situation apart from regulators, RBS continues to be a major issue. Even while regulation allows in some regions for pricing to fall, bill-shock is always relevant and relative to perceived cost, even if for some locations the cost may be lower than it used to be”

As we saw from last years report, given exclusively to MNOs taking part in the research, the area of Silent Roaming is a major concern and from the 114 MNOs who took part in the research in 2015 including MNOs from all regions of the world, this is a global problem.

MNOs can take part by simply following the link below before the 30th September 2016.

ROCCO Roaming Bill Shock Research 2016

MNOs taking part will receive an exclusive Executive Summary Report of the findings in early October. Please feel free to contact ROCCO at hq@www.roccoresearch.com or visit our website www.roamingconsulting.com for more information.


ROCCO’s Approach

ROCCO is a neutral consulting and research company and does not assist with the sales of products and services of any vendors in the market. ROCCO does not produce sponsored research, our aim is to provide always the truth in a situation, to ask the questions we want and give the responses we want to give to assist MNOs in their challenges. For any question about our approach, please contact ROCCO at hq@www.roccoresearch.com

About UROS:
UROS, Uni-fi Roaming Solutions, recently awarded as fastest growing company in Finland, offers global roaming solutions in over 100 countries via its patented 4G Goodspeed mobile hotspots, its global roaming IoT platform, roaming apps and Goodspeed Sim cards. The cloud hosted IoT platform steers and monitors connected devices via M2M whilst travelling in mobile networks around the globe and was recently named by CIO Review as one of 20 most promising Telecom suppliers in 2016 . UROS has offices in 9 countries including China and the USA. The Goodspeed devices are produced in cooperation with ZTE. For more information, please visit http://www.uros.com