A2P SMSROCCO HQ London 23/06/16 Our research has been concluded, the results have been checked and verified and we are pleased to announce the Tier One Vendors in A2P SMS Messaging for 2016.

Congratulations to all five Tier One Vendors who performed so well across the performance and leadership categories! Tier One means that across all categories these providers reached 4-5 points out of 5. The Vendor ratings were very close this year, with more promotion of this Research happening within the industry, this helped a lot to get the MNOs views across to us.

Also our A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence Report 2016 which we published in February allowed us to know better the topics most important to MNOs and we adjusted our questions according to that data.

A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance 2016

Between April and June 2016 we asked MNOs globally to give us their perceptions of A2P SMS Messaging Vendors, how well they knew them and how they would rate them. They rated Vendors on 35+ KPIs in the area of Performance and Leadership. The survey was about brand perception, experience of these providers as well as an understanding of whether MNOs would choose them over others.

With 32 Providers there was tough competition. We started with around 28 providers, when MNOs wanted to include other Vendors we immediately updated the survey to include them, inviting all MNOs to comment.

MNOs who participated in the Research will receive their free Executive Summary Report shortly, thanks for your support and feedback, we hope you enjoy the data and insights into the Vendors.

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ROCCO is a company who chose to be neutral

In the 3 years we have been providing ROCCO Research we have acquired the participation of 500+ Operators and we think this is because of the trust we have developed with our networks and long lasting relationships with Operators. We provide something for free to MNOs for sharing with us their views and they have many thoughts to share!

It must be said it is not ROCCO how chooses the Vendors or has any influence over the results. What we do, which we believe is more important, is to ask the questions and facilitate the findings this kind of research provides and let the MNOs speak for themselves.

ROCCO doesn’t partner with any vendor or ask other companies to sponsor our research because we think this effects the neutrality of what we do and also prevents us from:

  • Asking the questions MNOs really want us to ask
  • Altering what we want to present, a true industry picture of what MNOs think today

Since we sponsor our own research we sell our Strategic Analysis reports to cover our Research costs.

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Download the Infographic below here:ROCCO A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance 2016 – Tier One Providers-2

ROCCO A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance 2016 - Tier One Providers-2





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