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Interesting to see how successful Multi IMSI solutions for Roaming are becoming and how this anti-bill shock solution is appealing to the market.


UROS named no1 growth company by Finnish Press

Kauppalehti a Finnish trade and financial newspaper established in 1898, yesterday named UROS as number 1 in its list of growth companies in Finland.

UROS, the Finnish native starting to scale-up globally, is known for innovation in International Roaming. In particular its roaming devices offer a game changer for business, eliminating roaming bill shock and providing predictable pricing, opening up the market to a new way of thinking about roaming. UROS’s Roaming services are provided in co-operation with a network of mobile operators and began as recently as 2011.

Kauppalehti’s top 30-growth list is dedicated to all companies that have been in business for four years or more and that reach growth of more than one hundred percent as measured by the annualized growth in three years.

Recounting the moment he heard the news, Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, C.E.O of UROS said

“The whole Uros team is very proud to be No1,I never thought that so soon into our company story we have been acknowledged this way, there are some amazing companies on the list and its an honour to be included and recognised this way. We hope to further boost our growth and employ more new qualified colleagues in the near future”

, Gerrit Jan recently changed the company’s strategy to be more Mobile Operator focused.

Board members of UROS also shared their thanks and recalled the opportunities before them,

“Due to our partnerships with world leading companies such as China based ZTE for device production our global roaming services are very scalable. So growing further rapidly should not be too difficult”

adds Jyrki Hallikainen Chairman of the Uros Board of Directors.

“We are very thankful for the support we received from Tekes and Finnvera who supported our ambitious goals over the last years”

according to Board Member Tommi Uhari.

In particular reviewing the careers of UROS’s team of engineers, developers and commercial strategists, one can see concrete foundations on which they have built their solutions.

“The world is changing and so is international roaming, this innovation has something for everybody, useful for consumers travelling globally for holidays but particularly interesting to corporates who need to plan their roaming spend for the year.”

Says Gerrit Jan.

It’s perhaps the perfect compliment to UROS’s forward thinking, that mobile network Operators have also started to review UROS’s solutions and the company is working with several operators globally who value the innovation in roaming propositions they bring.


Source: UROS