ROCCO is currently conducting SMS Firewall Research with MNOs and many MNOs are advising us that Cloud Based solutions appeal to some of them where as Hardware or Software solutions appeal to others. What’s the difference between these solutions and what do each of the Vendors offer?

ROCCO Research published a new report a few weeks ago into SMS Firewall Market Intelligence. In creating this report ROCCO has interviewed 16 SMS Firewall Vendors to provide an overview of their businesses, revenues, services, outlook and the regional development of the SMS Firewall marketplace.

One of the key questions was around how the SMS Firewall solution is offered. Actually, an SMS Firewall solution can be offered more or less how the MNO prefers. Some vendors offer only one type of solution and others are more flexible and able to accommodate the MNO’s requirements, hence offering more than just one solution. But what do the different solutions mean?

Hardware, Software: Vendors are selling the necessary hardware and/or software needed for the Firewall solution. The equipment is installed physically in the MNO network/premises. MNO’s will then manage the rules and processes, reporting and updating themselves.

Hardware, Software Managed: As above, but the Vendor will maintain all the rules and processes, and deliver reports on the results on a regular basis.

Hosted: Instead of installing the equipment in the MNO network, then Vendor will let the MNO connect to their physical equipment at a Vendor POP closest to the MNO and manage the solution for them.

Cloud based: All related software to run the SMS Firewall will be accessible via a cloud based service. The MNO will connect via the internet to the cloud. Most likely will it be a public cloud which may raise concerns with some MNO’s who have restrictions on running sensitive communication services in a public environment.

Hosted Cloud: Same as above, but instead of a public cloud it will be a cloud service hosted by the vendor. Some MNO’s may still have security issues with sensitive services running in any cloud setup.


cover sheet ROCCO sms firewall Market Intelligence Report 2016 copy 2SMS Firewall Market Intelligence Report 2016

This SMS Firewall Market Intelligence Report 2016 provides insights into 16 SMS Firewall Vendors and helps in understanding the services they offer and their outlook on the SMS Firewall marketplace. This Report complements our A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence Report 2016 where we interviewed 27 A2P SMS Messaging Vendors in that it provides strategic insights into the Vendors and compares their solutions with a view to really helping an MNO make strategic decisions. Where in our Vendor Performance Reports we see the MNO view of the Vendors, here we listen to the Vendors, in a balanced way with ROCCO performing a role as neutral mediator to their comments.

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This report supports MNO in providing guidance and supporting them in the development of their SMS messaging monetisation strategy and business opportunities.

The report is sponsored only by ROCCO and provides a neutral outlook into SMS Firewall Solutions:

“There is a lot of opportunities for MNO’s to monetise on SMS Messaging but its quite apparent that issues like spam, spoof, fake and flood are only a few of the reasons why having an SMS Firewall is an important factor in monetisation. So far many MNO’s have sought solutions, but in the next 2-3 years these services will become universal for all MNOs who recognise that filtering in a more sophisticated way is necessary and also brings revenue benefits.”

Said Jason Bryan CEO of ROCCO.


SMS Firewall Vendor Performance Research 2016

ROCCO is also currently conducting SMS Firewall Vendor Performance Research in which we will invite MNOs to give feedback on SMS Firewall Vendors on over 30 KPIs dedicated to SMS Firewall solutions. Prior to seeking MNOs views, ROCCO needed to know better what SMS Firewall solutions were like in 2016 and what were the key challenges for Vendors and MNOs.

MNOs can take the following survey and will receive an Executive Summary report which shows the leaders and key strategic information around SMS Firewall solutions.

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