ROCCO likes KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives Report 2016 which since 1996 has been providing insight into business location costs in cities and countries around the world, with special focus on North America and leading mature market economies in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Globalization continues to reshape the international economy. For many organizations, global expansion can have a tremendous positive impact on both top and bottom line. For others, expanding or relocating a business may be a matter of survival, as they face increasing pressure from foreign competitors.

If your organization is focused on growth, controlling costs, diversifying, and increasing value for shareholders, the impact of international expansion and location costs must be a part of your global strategy.

Business costs represent one of the many important factors considered in virtually all corporate location decisions. KPMG’s 2016 Competitive Alternatives report explores the most signi cant business cost factors in more than 100 cities and 10 countries around the world. This study measures and provides insight on the impact of 26 key cost components, across 7 business to business service segments and 12 signi cant manufacturing sectors.

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