Since we published our A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report last june, Operators and Vendors from all over the world have reviewed our research and learned new insights into this amazing market, as well as learning whom the best global vendors are from the perceptions of Mobile Operators.

Adding value to mobile operators A2P SMS Messaging business is at the core of these insights. See the infographic below (produced with data from the A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2015) which may help A2P SMS Messaging Vendors understand what Operators would like to see coming through from these vendors.

Our Research is inspired by Operators and in many cases dictated by them. We have been collating for the last six months a number of new requirements from Operators (including several Operator groups) and Vendors and next week we will start working on a new research project.


ROCCO A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence Research

At ROCCO our core values are Neutrality and Education among other points, but we also want to build business acumen for Operators and Vendors.

The Market Intelligence research will be launched next week and will feature Vendor insights and useful information most requested by Operators.

A2P SMS Messaging Vendors can contact us at for more information and how to take part in this research.

A2P SMS Messaging, what Operators want