????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Recently it has been in the news about Apples latest Patents and their power over the subscribers Roaming experience. ROCCO looked into the patent and provides here some more information.

Apple Invents System for Location-Based Updating of Subscriber Identity Information in Embedded SIMs. Apple has patents on wireless technology that would remove the customer choice and automatically switch between the best networks and prices while Roaming. Apple may also replace SIM cards with software that allows users to select any available network.

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Apple states in its patent that it might be desirable for an device to detect its location, provide certain (e.g., location-specific) subscriber identity related options to a user, receive user input selecting an option (and possibly further user input specifying further details of the selected option), and implement the selected option. Such a process would enable the user to select their preferred subscriber identity choice based on their current location.

Depending on the location, the device may present one or more options to a user or may automatically perform one or more actions such as continuing to use the current subscriber identity of the device is in a location with service from a carrier corresponding to a current subscriber identity.

In some scenarios, it may particularly be desirable to present the user with an option for purchasing/provisioning a subscriber identity module (SIM), for example an embedded SIM (eSIM), with a new subscriber identity which is local to the detected location, e.g., if the device is in a location without local service from a carrier corresponding to a current subscriber identity of the device.

In case such an option is selected, the device could store (or obtain, e.g., via specially permitted communication using a network of a local carrier) a list of carriers and/or service plans for the device’s current location (and possibly other locations). The device may be able to provide a list (or other indication) of such carriers and/or plans to the user, in order to provide the user with options for local subscriber identities.

And lastly, Apple notes that once a carrier/plan has been selected, an device could obtain subscriber identity information according to the selected carrier/plan and configure itself accordingly. Once the device has been configured with the newly obtained subscriber identity, the device may register with the network corresponding to its newly obtained subscriber identity and obtain cellular service according to selected service plan.

Source: The Telegraph, PatentelyApple