Being audited isn’t painful; it may be the first chance you’ve ever had to see clearly…

ROCCO’s R.A.I.S.E. the Roaming Audit of Intelligence, Standards and Experience provides direction and answers…

  1. We can audit a certain part of your Roaming function or the entire function. E.g. IREG or IOT Negotiations. There are 16 Modules of Audit we offer at this time.

  2. Often we work side by side with other leading suppliers in analysis, to provide you with a full picture of your Roaming business today, no one else offers an audit this complete.

  3. We use an exclusive audit tool, which is updated monthly, filled with comprehensive questions designed by multiple Roaming consultants to deeply analyse your position.

  4. We then simply sit with your team, interview and understand them and how they work asking questions from our audit tool and reviewing samples of data and reports.

  5. Our reporting is thorough and highlights your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

  6. Finally we leave you with action plans and targets and we highlight the quick wins as well as the long-term projects. 

Want to investigate further?

Understand well your Roaming function in a structured and methodical way and learn how you can move to the next level.

We’re not saying that we always know better, sometimes we just know different and can help you understand all the possibilities of a decision so that you can avoid that ready-aim-aim-aim scenario and just shoot.

From good to great and from great to world class.

Grow Roaming, Consult ROCCO